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partner with anthony review

Welcome to my honest Partner With Anthony Reviewwhich is a new program by Anthony Morrison. If you are like me and always on a look for ways to make money online, you may have heard of or got emails from Anthony talking about how he wants to partner with you to give you a low-cost way to start your first online business just for $7 a month.

With this Partner with Anthony review, you can find out if this program is legit or not as it is claimed on the sales page or its a scam. Keep reading to understand what this program is all about and what can you expect from it.


Check Out Partner With Anthony Sales Page
partner with anthony sales page

Who Is Anthony Morrison?

Before dwelling into the program and talking about success with anthony or Morrison education, let’s begin with understanding who Anthony Morrison is.  With over 10 years of experience in affiliate marketing, Anthony is a well-known online entrepreneur who has written books and created a complete range of online courses aimed at teaching people how to create a passive income online.

What Is Partner With Anthony Program?

First thing’s first, despite the name and sales pitch of this program may sound like a partnership opportunity but the reality is you will actually not be working with Anthony Morrison.

The sales pitch says that this program does not require website building, search engine optimization, or other technical skills, and basically is a listed building and email program, where you will be given resources and tools from Anthony himself and will be able to make money online “in just three simple steps.”

Check The Video Here

The program “Partner With Anthony” consists of 13 video session training courses which are aimed at teaching you how to make money as an affiliate marketer by promoting Partner With Anthony. You get access to a few landing pages, and if you want to make money fast, you must buy some ads.

partner with anthony scam or legit

Another important aspect of this program which you need to understand is that you cannot use these resources to promote any other another affiliate program. So, basically, you don’t learn how to become an affiliate marketer but only to send traffic on Partner with Anthony landing pages.

You also get access to done-for-you sales to funnel of this program where you’ll be sending emails to contacts provided by the company to you, but here’s the catch,  what happens when hundreds of the PWA users send emails to all the same email addresses? Probably not a whole lot.


The Training Area

In the PWA Member’s area, Anthony Morrison offers 30 video session lessons which will walk you through the various tools and membership sites you need to sign up so that you can promote the ‘Partner with Anthony’ course. There will be links to the videos and downloadable PDF files.

success with anthony

These videos are effective and informative and you can learn important stuff like how to get your landing page setup or how to get your first email campaign up and running and many such videos.

However, there is a time delay for each lesson though so you have to wait for 24 hours after completing a lesson.

Sadly the support is severely lacking inside the member’s area. There is no members forum or question and answers area and despite the name of the program, there is no given way to contact Anthony directly. All you can do is raise a support ticket and wait for their reply.


Real Cost of PWA

Partner With Anthony offers two payment plans. A monthly membership of $7 or a one-time fee of $97 for a year. But as you go with the program, there are a sheer number of higher-priced upsells like Clickfunnels, BuildRedirects, Digital Marketing Mastermind, M Insider Newsletter,  GetResponse, and AWeber and get their monthly subscriptions if you want to implement the training you receive and get any results from PWA.

For $7 you will be able to access just Partner with Anthony course, but for other available courses, you have to pay extra to take those courses.

Commission Proof

make money online with CPA marketing
Email from the Partner With Anthony that I made a Commission
make money online with CPA offers
Proof of CPA Offer Commissions

Can You Make Money From This Course?

While this low-priced course comes with a lot of unexpected additional costs further down the line but you can absolutely make money with this course by getting others to sign up to the Partner With Anthony program itself. However, just keep in mind that for this program to work you’ll have to spend money to make money.


The Final Verdict

Partner With Anthony is not a scam and you undoubtedly get training and learn some good information that you can glean from Anthony’s many years of experience in online business.

However, Partner With Anthony is a money making program and is all about how to make money promoting Partner With Anthony. While you can promote the program and if you make sales, you will definitely make some money, but it not a long term strategy since you don’t actually learn any skill that can use in your future and make you a successful affiliate marketer.

Also, there are numerous upsells that you should be prepared to spend extra money. There is very little support with no direct contact information other than an email address and obtaining a refund is difficult.

You can check out the Partner with Anthony program video here and take your own call whether you would like to take it up or not.

Check the Video Here

But there are many other cost-effective ways to create a passive income with affiliate marketing by promoting products within many niches and they do not involve spending extra money on products and traffic.

I am promoting this program for short term and if you would like to promote the same then reach me out for ‘How to create a landing page’ and also for ‘Google Adwords Strategy’. You can WRITE TO ME. or You can download the guide through this link.

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