How To Make Money Online With Clickbank for Free 2022?


Make money online has a lot of opinions online in the market.

Many influencers share their earnings, and then start selling their courses rather than revealing the real secret behind their earning.

So, those who all are fed up with the fake courses and scams, here I am to show you a path about make money online with ClickBank.

Hope you read my earlier article on 4 Legit Ways To Make Money Online In 2018.

The thing which I am going to tell you about is making money fast online with ClickBank.

You might all know ClickBank is a marketplace where all the digital products are available. If not, then don’t worry.

We gonna learn about it in a while. On ClickBank, both the advertisers and affiliate marketers work together at ClickBank.

The affiliate marketer can make money online today by selling those digital products which are published by the advertiser. 

The commission ranges in between 5% to 75%, which is huge.

Let’s make money online free with this step by step approach.

1. Create An Account

Go to Clickbank, and create your Free Account. As I mentioned, it’s absolutely free for all the affiliate marketers.

You can right away create your account and start making some money.

Believe me, Clickbank is all that you want to start as an amateur Affiliate Marketer.  That’s simple and easy to start.

Take Action: Now, open another tab on your screen and create the Free Clickbank account.

2. Market Place

The marketplace is where you will find the most converting offers.

Still searching for marketplace on ClickBank? Ok, check the image below.

That’s where you will find the Marketplace. Now Click on it, friends.


Once you get into the marketplace, you can see on the left side of you there are a lot of niches you can choose.

But, to make money online from home, there are very popular niches which I personally prefer.

1) E-Business and E-Marketing ( this is Make Money Online Niche)

2) Health and Fitness

These are very popular niches in which you can jump start your promotions.

Next Step

Now, click on the niche on the left side and you will see on your right there are a lot of offers get it.

The next question of yours might be, how can I choose the best converting offer! No worries, I have an answer for that as well.

Go on top and click on sort results by, then you can see a drop-down menu will come on. 

Choose ‘Gravity’. Now, what is Gravity in Clickbank? Gravity is a statistic for products available in the marketplace which shows the commissions earned by the affiliates in the previous weeks.


From my personal experience I suggest you go with the products which have a gravity above 50 which is worth trying, and if it’s above 100 then it’s definitely a go.

But, the higher the gravity, the larger the competition, beware of it.

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3. Getting Your Affiliate Link To Promote

Now, once you choose the right offer to promote, all you have to do is to get a link to promote.

How to get a link to make money online with Clickbank? Scroll down!

See, in the image, the ‘PROMOTE’ button, click on that. Once you click on it, you will see the pop up browser, there you can find the information like how much commission you can earn with this affiliate offer.


Take Action

Click on create, there you got your affiliate.


-> Copy That Link


-> Open bitly.com

(Bitly is a link shortener.  This shortens your link, and give you a good looking link which doesn’t look like spam.)

-> Paste your link in the BITLY and get a clean link. Copy that.

Now you are ready with your link. 

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4. Promotion of your Link

Here promotion of your link means, you are driving the traffic on the link. Now, affiliate marketing can be done either paid or organic. I will tell you both.


a) Website: Create your own website and keep writing the reviews about the product you preferred to promote. Use your affiliate link in the review which redirects them to the offer page.

b) YouTube: Create a piece of nice information based video about make money online and then paste your links in the description. Make sure you use proper keywords to target the right audience.

c) Social Media ( Instagram/Facebook): Add friends of same interest. Then invite them to like your page on Facebook, daily post the links thrice. Do post on your profile timeline and also on your page. Group will work better in my opinion.



I suggest you go with paid when you think your machine is ready and your knowledge is enough now to invest in promotion. Because you need to get a clear idea about how to make money online with promotions, placing right interests is very important when you promote a product. Otherwise, you will lose your money on the wrong Ad copy.

Increase Make Money Online Profit

Squeeze page or Landing Page helps to increase the make money online with ClickBank profits for 5 times more.

Yes! I mean it. A squeeze page, also called a funnel collects the email id of your customer.

Which you can use to promote the same product to them for 7 to 10 times. Later you can promote other products to your customers.

We know that no one buys the product the moment they see it. 

They need a constant push to buy it right? To do that, you need a squeeze page and Email Auto Responder.

I use Get Response for Email Automation, and also they have an added advantage of creating a landing page. 

On top of it all, the trial run is free for the first month. How cool is it is? Here’s my landing page.


Take Action

Create your Free Get Response account now, and make the first sale with the trial run itself.

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