Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review in 2020

honest review of wealthy affiliate

Hey! Welcome to the review of Wealthy Affiliate. This review is my personal opinion on ‘is wealthy affiliate worth it’. I am writing this wealthy affiliate review in a complete honest way to clear of the misconceptions you have about this great program.

Many of you might be trying to find a way out of your nine to five job as I did to make money online. When I began, I knew there was a potential online but had no clue about how it worked and how to earn money online successfully.

I started reading blog after blog post about ways to make money online, but I was soon overwhelmed and didn’t have a clue where to start.

Somewhere along the way, I stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate through which I gained many valuable skills and finally started my own affiliate marketing business. The following Wealthy Affiliate Review is an overview of my experience and will help you find out whether this course is right for you.

There are many courses available online claimed to be a better alternative to Wealthy Affiliate but I have seen that none have lasted as long as Wealthy Affiliate. That is because, with wealthy affiliates, you learn from the right mentors, you will follow a proven success plan so that you execute your new found knowledge the right way and thereby start your online business.

Before I introduce the Wealthy Affiliate Program to you, I would like to talk about ‘What is Affiliate Marketing and How to Start Affiliate Marketing!

What is Affiliate Marketing? And How to Start?

Affiliate Marketing is an online business model through which one earn money online. There are many ways to make money online, either with a website or without a website. But for long term online business, having a website or blog helps for continuous growth.

what is affiliate marketing

In affiliate marketing, you can either choose product or service to promote to the audience. If I further decode it, then it’s like promoting a product to the people who are looking for it.

Now comes a question, how can I know whether people are looking for that product or not. This is where you will choose the right niche to promote the right product to the audience.

And Wealthy Affiliate Teaches exact methodology in a much simpler way. The exact way of making money online through the website includes the following steps.

  • Identify the Niche
  • Build a Website
  • Drive the traffic
  • Promote Affiliate Offers
  • Make Money Online

I know the above 5 steps may have frightened you with questions like How to find a niche? How to build a website? How to drive traffic and How to promote offers to make money online. Don’t worry, here comes the Wealthy Affiliate for your rescue. Every question of yours is covered in the Wealthy Affiliate Training.

To understand how to start affiliate marketing, you can read my Affiliate Marketing Guide for Beginners to Make Money Online in 2020. But I suggest you read this blog post further to know how you can be benefitted from the wealthy affiliate training to start affiliate marketing.

How Do You Make Money With a Blog?

I was looking answer for this particular question when I signed up to Wealthy Affiliate with their a Free Starter Membership. Wealthy affiliates offer this risk-free, try-before-you-buy option (no credit card required) which does provide excellent training.

When you sign up for a free starter account with Wealthy Affiliate, you have the opportunity to set up two free websites to test out what you are learning. While with a paid membership, you get to host 50 websites built upon the fastest and most secure web servers that are available.

Wealthy Affiliate offers the best website builder, SiteRubix, with the help of which you can build a website in minutes. You can also choose to use WordPress for your website. One of the best features of Wealthy Affiliate is that they are constantly improving and upgrading their services and platform with the latest technology.

This free account gives you access to 10 lessons, and the objective is to help you build a niche website by the end of the course. You also get a deep understanding of “What is Affiliate Marketing?” and also lets you test their Keyword research tool which is a necessary tool for any website owners to get their content ranked on the Search Engines.

This Keyword research tool is important because it gives an insight about what are your target audience is searching for on the internet so that you can write content using those keywords and drive traffic to your site.

However, this starter course is not sufficient for you to become successful. If you are serious about finding success online, you should upgrade to the premium membership and get Full Access to everything the course has to offer.

What does Wealthy Affiliate Do?

Wealthy Affiliate program focuses on two main concepts which are Building a Blog and Making Money with Affiliate Marketing.

In a nutshell, to make money online from your website; you need traffic. You have set up a great website, created awesome content but if no one can find your site, you are not going to be making any money from it.

The wealthy affiliates marketing course helps to understand web traffic, search engine optimization and how to get people to my website so that you can attract visitors to your website and make money from it.

wealthy affiliate success stories
Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

What Do You Get with a Wealthy Affiliate Membership?

Basically, with Wealthy Affiliate program you’ll have access to:

  • The Online Entrepreneurship Certification- Level 1 course which teaches you how to set up your blog, optimize your content with SEO, get ranked in Google, find affiliate programs, monetize your traffic and master social media to promote your website and products.
wealthy affiliate course

The image below gives you a glimpse of what is covered in the Online Entrepreneurship Certification- Level 1

online entrepreneur certification1

The above mentioned Online Entrepreneurship Certification- Level 1 course includes all those lessons and this certification is available for free membership members with two websites.

  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training which teaches you how to set up your blog along with additional training for driving traffic and making money through its own affiliate program.
wealthy affiliate training program
  • Classroom section has loads of other types of training which are not included in the two courses above. This training includes WordPress training, video marketing, social engagement, pay per click marketing, email marketing and much more.
  • Learn how to be FTC compliant.
  • Keyword research tool namely Jaaxy to optimize your content so it’s SEO friendly which means search engine like Google will find and rank it.
  • There are other features to this Jaaxy tool as well as seeing your site ranking, saving keywords, analyzing your competition, and much more.
jaaxy keyword research tool
  • Live chat wherein you can share your ideas, get help, talk to the owners and other successful entrepreneurs.
  • Weekly live webinars and live events which cover different topics each week and are archived so that you can access them anytime you want with paid membership.
Wealthy Affiliate Live Events
  • Blogging opportunity right inside wealthy affiliates to rank quickly and get Wealthy Affiliate referrals.
  • A community of other like-minded Wealthy Affiliate members for networking and support.
  • Domain names and Hosting for your website. All websites are hosted on  Amazon web servers which are secured and provides faster loading website which further helps with better rankings in Google. You can also check your website health and see if it has been indexed by Google. This hosting is also optimized for WordPress which is the most popular Content management system in the world.
  • Another feature of Wealthy Affiliate is that they provide full redundancy. This means if your website goes down, there is a copy of your website that will be up before your visitors realize something is wrong.

Be Part of Wealthy Affiliate Community

Another significant aspect of the Wealthy Affiliate program is the online community of Wealthy Affiliate users.

Wealthy Affiliate has helped thousands of entrepreneurs be successful and has worked with more than 50,000 bloggers and have over 1.4 million members.  

These wealthy affiliate members actively answer questions, provide motivation and encouragement. With these numbers Wealthy affiliates you get access to:

  • Live chat and Users forum to ask questions from the community.
  • Expert advice and coaching which is available anytime.
  • A system that helps you check out your competition.
  • A community of other bloggers who all help each other by support each other’s blogs which is very important when you are trying to build authority.
  • This community consists of serious entrepreneurs working to help each other succeed and obtain financial freedom and I highly recommend you come join us too.

Drawbacks of Wealthy Affiliate

Now that you have seen the advantages of Wealthy Affiliate. Here are it’s few drawbacks that I should let you know about as this is an Honest Review of Wealthy Affiliate.

  1. Wealthy Affiliate is not for you if you’re looking for some quick get rich scheme. It takes time and a lot of work and dedication to build an online business and Wealthy Affiliate is no exception.
  2. You can access Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp only if you are premium members. The free membership gives you a comprehensive Online Entrepreneur Certification Course, but once you complete that, you’ll want to upgrade it to Premium Membership.
  3. There is also plenty of opportunity for distractions too. The community has a lot of benefits but don’t get too caught up on live chat that you don’t write your post.  It’s easy to lost track of time on chat platforms, so just remember to keep tabs with where your time is going.

Wealthy Affiliate Price

In the above Honest Wealthy Affiliate review, I have mentioned both free and paid membership. The Wealth Affiliate free membership provides core training and lets you build two free websites on the SiteRubix platform.

While the paid membership which is $49 dollars per month ( But for the first month of upgradation to Premium Membership, they give an offer price of $19. ) and gives you access to the entire set of tools and training and lets you build 50 websites with the best hosting.

They even provide regular updates so that you can keep improving yourself. You can also choose to pay annually that will save you 36% on a monthly cost.

Also, if at any point in time you find that Wealthy Affiliate is not suitable, you can cancel the membership with just a few clicks, no question asked.


Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform for any aspiring entrepreneur which provides access to various tools and provides training to start your own online business.

It not only provides training but also provides domain, hosting and keywords tools along with an interactive community forum which will help you and guide you in solving all your problems.

So if you are serious about starting an online business, you should give Wealthy Affiliate a try. You can even follow my original plan and try the free account, watch the training and quit.

Considering it is free, you have nothing to lose, only a bit of time and plenty of knowledge to gain.

The knowledge and skills that you will learn with Wealthy Affiliate will help you in the long run and this is why exactly they are trustworthy because they provide, a long-term solution for your online success.

They will not tell you that it is easy to make money online or make unrealistic promises of success, what they will provide is 14 years of online training and business building experience which is unparalleled in this industry.

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