12 Free SEO Tools You Should Be Using in 2022

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If you have decided to work on your own website to improve the visibility of your website organically, then the best and cheap digital marketing method is SEO ( Search Engine Optimization). If you are a beginner, then have a look at my SEO Guide ‘What is SEO and How it Works’ before we start exploring best free SEO Tools.

To get smarter results with SEO, one has to make use of proper SEO Tools for digital marketing to analyze the present condition and to plan the future! Following is a complete list of free SEO Tools which are best to use for any niche.

List of Google SEO Tools- Free

Google PageSpeed Insights


Loading time of the website matters a lot when it comes to ranking and visibility. You know how impatient we are! If something loads slow, we straightaway move to another result.

Enter the URL and see the loading time of your website. You can check loading time and performance both on desktop and mobile. And the plus point here is identifying the scope to improve because those improvements will also be suggested by this tool.

The diagnostics and the audits through this Google SEO tool will give more insights to improve your application or website.

Google Search Console

This is a free Google SEO tool and very powerful if you understand the insights its give to you. Because Google Search Consol reports the website analysis with alerts and error reports. This is also called as a Webmaster Tool and it helps the owner of the site to see bugs and indexing issues.

If you are using WordPress Website then you can add the code with plugins like Yoast and Jetpack.

And the website is using other than WordPress, then you give the code to the developer to make use of it at the designated place.

With this Google SEO tool, you can find out which keywords or the search term is working of you. This can be seen when you click on performance in the dashboard.

Same applies with Bing Webmaster Tools

Google Analytics


This free Google SEO tool provides you the complete web stats with search insights of your application. It tracks everything about traffic you are receiving from.

You can also know about which kind of traffic you getting. Whether it’s organic or direct or from social media.

Acquisition > All Traffic > Organic or Direct or Social Media. This helps you to understand the flow of traffic.

Also, through analytics, you can find out through which keywords people landed on your pages or website. For this, you have to connect an analytics account with search console.

Acquisition > Search Console > Queries > Campaigns > Organic Keywords

Check QuickSprouts discussion about ‘How Google Analytics Helps to Drive High Traffic’

Google Keyword Planner

Before writing a content one should know what exactly people are searching for? And this best SEO tool is free to search for keywords. You can find this keyword planner in Adwords as well.

Adwords Dashboard > Tools> Keyword Planner > Find New Keywords or Get Search Volume Forecasts

You can look for any search term or keyword and this free Google SEO tool returns with stats like monthly search volume, competition, and even related keywords. You either search broadly or exactly related. And the best option is to download those keywords ideas with all the stats.

Here is the list of important keyword research tools free & paid which you should be using in 2021.

List of Paid and Free SEO Tools- Other than Google

Moz Link Explorer

Moz Link Explorer is another powerful SEO tool which helps you with the data to build better links. This link building tool provides a full range of link analysis with stats like impactful links to your website.

You can signup for free Moz Account which gives you 10 free queries per month.

Moz Local Listing Score

Moz collects the data from different sources which includes Google, Bing, Yelp, local search engines, and Facebook as well. If you are dealing with any of the local restaurant or business as an SEO, then this SEO tool can check their presence with their name and business registered postcode.

Once put the name and postal code, Moz will check whether the list is available or not. If not, then it provides you the suggestions to fix.

Ahrefs- SEO Tools to Grow Search Traffic


Ahrefs doesn’t come under free SEO Tools, but it’s very powerful with a combination of SEO tools for link building and every SEO aspirant try to learn and implement the strategies for better results.

Some of the best features of Ahrefs are:

Backlink Checker

You can try the free version of Ahref’s backlink checker to know from where your competitor gets backlinks.

SERP Checker

With this feature, you can analyze the search results of your website then you compare the the stats with an estimation of potential traffic to improve the ranks.

You can try their 7 Day Trial for $7 to know the power of their tools.

SEO Quake


This free SEO tool has a Google Toolbar, and it helps you to get instant metrics of any web page you like to analyze. Once you open any website you can click on the toolbar to check feature like’:

Page Info: Here you can see basic information like Title, Meta Keywords, Meta Description, and links.

Diagnosis: This conducts the page SEO Audit. Reports the warning and errors.

Density: Find the keyword density with 2-word phrases, 3-word phrases, and 4 word phrases.

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

This tool provides instant metrics like country-specific volume, clicks, and global search volume. This tool helps you to spy on web pages of your competitors to understand the search volume. Moreover, it also displays the CPC and difficulty of the search term or keyword which helps to analyze the competition.


This chrome extension plugin check the broken links with the next level of work. Analyze those broken links and pull the metrics efficiently. With LinkMiner you can figure out the total number of external links on the page as well.

By highlighting the broken links in red color it gives us the opportunity to fix or build the links efficiently.

SEO Site Checkup

This free SEO tool runs a site checkup to quickly audit the site for meta tags, keyword usage, Heading tags, broken links, SEO Friendly URL test and Image Alt tags and Social Media test etc.,

This free tool is easy to use and help to improve the web page with important input which cannot be ignored.



With Browseo, you can have a look at your website the way search engine looks at it. Open this tool and enter the URL of your site with http:// or https:// ( whatever is applicable to your site) and then click on browse.

There you go, it shows everything like the spiders sees it. You can check if your images are big which never realized and then you can fix them. Likewise, you can figure out a lot through this free SEO Tools.


There are a lot of free SEO Tools available to use. But here on this list, I tried to mention basic and mandatory tools which could help people who are aspiring to achieve big in the field of SEO.

If you think I had missed anything, please let me know with your comments.

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