Best Keyword Research Tools 2022 {Free & Paid}

Best Keyword Research Tools Free & Paid

Keyword Research is very important aspect when it comes to SEO.

As I mentioned the role of Keyword Research earlier in SEO Checklist for Keyword optimization, today will see some of the best keyword research tools in 2021.

Keyword Research tools actually help to grow traffic when a significant action will be taken.

Free Keyword Research Tools

Following is a list of free keyword research tools in 2021.

Google Keyword Planner

You can find this Google Keyword Planner when you log into Google Adwords > Tools> Keyword Planner.

keyword research tools google

This Google tool is very popular among free keyword research tools.

Having an account in the Google Adwords will help you to access it easily. You can open Google Adwords account for free.

Best Features of Keyword Planner

Deep information about keywords related to Google Search Engine.

Select the location accordingly.

keyword research tools google free

You can segregate the ideas with a filter ‘ Broadly Related and Closely Related’.

keyword research tools free online

Can download the keyword ideas in excel format.

keyword research tools in seo

If you are running a Google Ad, then you can directly import the keyword to the Ad group.

This is a basic keyword research tool which is used by most of the SEO’s in their early state of career or website.

Even I started using this tool early in my career to do keyword research for my client websites.

And I still use this keyword tool to run my Affiliate Marketing ads presently.

Google Trends

This a Free Keyword Research Tool of Google. You can use this Google Trends to do keyword research in four different ways.

One is to know about the popularity of the keyword

keyword research tools and techniques

Second is to find the related queries to your search term or keyword.

keyword research tool free download

The third is to compare the two to five keywords.

best keyword research tools free

Fourth is to know research related to web search, image search, News Search, Google Shopping and YouTube Search.

seo keyword research tool free

I made use of this tool a lot when I was selling on Amazon US. This helps to pick the niche in Drop Shipping as well.

mounachalla seo consultant

Keywords Everywhere

seo keywords tool free

This top keyword planner follows you wherever you go and whatever you search in the search engine will be brought to your notice with search volume stats.

It’s pretty simple to use with Plugin.

The most popular feature of this keyword tool is “People Also Search For”. And this feature is best to find relevant keywords or long tail keywords used in the Google Search Results.


Soovle comes under free keyword research tools.

It brings the keyword ideas from Google Search, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Amazon, Yahoo, Wikipedia and more.

youtube keyword research tool free

You can dig deep in keyword research with the help of this tool, which your competitor may not know!

The best feature is to drag and drop keywords in save suggestions” and then those can be download keywords altogether in CSV file format.

Suggestion Keyword Finder

With this keyword research tool, you can find free keyword ideas. This is an amazing keyword planner to find keyword ideas with 3 levels.

keyword research tool google adwords

Each level will suggest you better keywords. The only limitation is that it won’t display any search volume.

But there is no harm to use this tool though it doesn’t display the volume state.

The keyword variations it suggests are incredibly awesome.

Data can be downloaded and then you can find the search volume with the help of another free keyword research tool from the suggested list.

I like this keyword generator a lot to find keyword variations with the level wise data especially when I run an Ad.


This free keyword research tool is of Neil Patel, who is a messiah of Content Marketing.

When such experienced Content Marketer launches a keyword research tool free, then you can guess how awesome that can be.


You can do the research with just keyword or with your competitor domain to know which keywords are your competitor is using to get ranked.

Best features of this keyword research tool are

SEO Difficulty ( With this you can plan your strategy)

Keyword Ideas ( Download the ideas and choose which you want to use for your content)

Google SERP ( Find who are on 1st SERP {search engine result page}, go through their posts to spy around before writing your own article).

ubersuggest keyword research tool free

Paid Keyword Research Tools


This is an affordable paid keyword research tool to find top performing keywords related to your niche.

To increase organic traffic on the website, high-quality content with the use of relevant keywords is necessary.

With Serpstat you can find effective semantic and long tail keywords. Everything in one place will be good to analyze the data.

Also, Serpstat gives additional data like the presence of organic keywords, the number of shares for that article in social channels and the potential traffic score those pages.

For $19 a month you can get a good number of pro features.


One of my favorite in paid keyword research tools and it’s very powerful because of its perfect keyword ideas.

It displays the keyword density right away and you can narrow your keyword research to city level as well which is a great plus when you are targeting locally.

free keyword research tools 2019

KWFinder is part of Mangools and for many Digital Marketing influencers, it has become the most favorite because of its various features like

google keyword research tool 2019 free

In Keyword Research, you can lookup for 100 keywords in 24 hours and minimum 200 keyword suggestions per search.

With SERP analysis, you can lookup for 100 searchers with SERPChecker in 24 Hours.

With Rank Tracking, 200 keywords can be tracked and unlimited domains can also be tracked with daily ranking updates.

SERPWatcher - Stop wasting time with conventional rank trackers

With Website analysis, 20 number of URL’s can be analyzed with SiteProfiler in every 24 Hours.

With Backlink Analysis, 2000 numbers of backlinks you can get in every 24 hours with LinkMiner.

Above features are part of the Basic Plan with Mangools which costs $25/month when you take annually.

KWFinder is part of Mangools and it provides great value for such minimal price with a lot of features.

You can now Avail a 40% off on Mangools which include all the above features.

SEMRush With 7 Days Trial

SEMRush is the easiest tool for a blogger if we the price aside. It is not just a keyword research tool, but it gives you much more than that.

With SEMRush you can spy around the competitor by directly adding their URL in the dashboard. Once you add the domain, boommmm you can see for which all keywords they are ranking for.

This analysis makes it easy for you to quickly understand which keywords you need to target for services or pages when you are competing within your niche.


Traffic States

Top Organics Keywords

Traffic Cost

Organic Search Positions


Phrase Match Report

SEO is not a cheap keyword research tool to own, I agree it’s very costly. But, if you like to SPY a lot around competitors, then this is a Best Tool.

Check out SEMRush with 7 Days Free Trial.


LSI Keyword means Latent Semantic Index Keyword which is related in meaning to the main keyword.

According to SEO factors, those keywords are generally used in the content to help search engine to understand the content in a better way.

With LSIGraph, you can find the most profitable LSI Keywords related to any niche without much effort.

This is the best keyword research tool for LSI keywords to drive quality traffic.

top keyword research tools 2019

Its basic plan costs $24/month, which include the following features like Unlimited Searched, Unlimited LSI Keywords, Search Volume Data, Top Performing Content Analysis, Semantic Keyword  & Topic Classification and much more.


I am done with the list of 10 best keyword research tools. You can find both free and paid keyword research tools in this list.

If you think I forgot to list any of the top keyword research tool free or paid, then please comment to let me know.

Like to write to me then you know where I am!!!

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