14 Must-Have & Best Digital Marketing Tools to Use Right Now in 2022

best digital marketing tools

The digital marketing industry is ever-changing and adapting to new technological trends. Digital marketers have to be on top of their game by constantly learning new skills, updating their knowledge, and staying up-to-date with the latest trends.

Digital marketing tools are an essential part of a successful digital marketing strategy. They allow marketers to track data, create content, design campaigns, measure performance, and much more.

These tools can also help businesses save time and money by automating tedious tasks or providing insights that are difficult or impossible to find elsewhere.

There are many digital marketing tools available on the market right now but not all of them are worth your time and money. In this blog post, I will share with you my favorite digital marketing tools that I use on a daily basis for my

Why to Start Using Digital Marketing Tools Right Now

Digital marketing tools are the best way to promote content on social media. They can help you find influencers and create personalized content for your audience.

The digital marketing tools available today are more affordable, efficient, and user-friendly than ever before. They can help you save time and money on your marketing efforts, as well as improve your brand awareness and lead generation.

The Best Places to Find Digital Marketing Tools for Your Business that are Affordable and Will Keep You Ahead of the Competition

Digital marketing is a huge field that has many tools and services available to help you succeed. The best thing about digital marketing is that it’s constantly evolving and there are always new tools to use.

The following are the top 14 digital marketing tools for small businesses, which will keep you ahead of the competition:



Semrush is a powerful tool for marketers. It is a suite of tools that helps you to research your competition, find new keywords, and analyze your website’s traffic.

The tool provides information about the ranking of websites in the search engines, their backlinks, social media shares, and more. It also allows you to compare up to five domains at once.

This way, you can easily see who is performing better than the others in the industry.

Keywords Everywhere

keywords everywhere

Keyword Everywhere comes with a paid plan It is an online tool that helps you find the most relevant keywords for your content.

It crawls the web and generates keyword suggestions based on what people are searching for in Google.

This tool can be used to generate long-tail keywords, which are more specific and have less competition than broad keywords, but have higher search volume.

KW Finder

KW Finder

Mangools KW Finder is the best keyword research tools that help marketers to find keywords for their content. It has a variety of features such as:

– Keyword Suggestion: Provides suggestions on the best keywords on the basis of the search term entered by the user.

– Keyword Competition Analysis: This shows how difficult it would be to rank on top of search results with different levels of competition.

– Top 10 Search Results: Shows 10 most relevant websites in Google’s SERP with the given search term and provides information about each website such as its ranking and estimated traffic.

– Keyword Difficulty Tool: Helps in determining whether or not a keyword will be easy or hard to rank on and what to do if it’s too hard, such as targeting more specific keywords, refining your site’s content, and making sure your website loads fast.



Mixpanel is a product analytics company that provides analytics for mobile, web, and more.

Mixpanel’s product analytics are the only ones on the market to offer data-driven insights on user behavior in real-time. It is also the only one that offers unique insights into customer engagement across all devices.

With Mixpanel’s product analytics, you can see how users are interacting with your app or website, what content they are viewing or clicking on, and how they convert into paying customers.

Mixpanel helps companies identify their most valuable user segments and understand which features to build next. It also helps them measure the impact of their marketing campaigns by tracking conversions across different channels.

It’s one of the alternatives to Hotjar.



Hotjar is a website heatmaps and behavior digital marketing analytics tools that allow users to see how visitors are using their website. It enables them to learn more about their customers and improve their user experience.

This analytics tool provides in-depth reports on user activity, visualizing data in form of click maps, scroll maps, form analysis, site overlay, and more. These reports can be exported to PDF or PowerPoint files for offline use.

Bloom Email Optin Plugin



Unbounce is a landing page builder and platform that helps marketers, designers, and entrepreneurs create high-converting landing pages. It’s one of the best conversion optimization tools.

Unbounce offers a range of templates for all kinds of purposes. It also provides A/B testing features to help you optimize your landing pages. Unbounce is free for up to 500 monthly visitors to your website.

With the help of Unbounce, marketers can build powerful landing pages that are optimized for conversions in minutes without any coding skills required.


Canva is one of the best online graphic designing tools for digital marketers. And it is a platform that enables non-designers to create professional-quality designs.

Canva is a graphic design platform that helps people with no design skills create professional-quality designs. It has over 2 million users and has been used by more than 100,000 businesses worldwide.

The app offers pre-made templates for social media posts, infographics, presentations, and even business cards.

It also offers an extensive library of images and fonts, as well as the ability to upload your own images and fonts from your computer or phone’s camera roll.

There are also more than 1 million free graphics available for download on Canva’s website that can be used in the app or uploaded into it directly.



Publer is an AI-powered which is one of the best social media management tools that helps you to manage your social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.

With Publer you can schedule posts in advance and assign them to specific days. Publer will also suggest posts for you based on your previous posts and the time of the day.

Monarch Social Sharing Plugin



Upfluence is a leading influence marketing platform that provides brands and agencies with the opportunity to create and manage influencer marketing campaigns.

The company helps marketers to identify, vet, and engage with social media influencers in order to generate social media content for their brand or product.

The company has been featured in publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, The New York Times, and Bloomberg Businessweek.



Iconosquare is a social media analytics tool that provides information on the number of followers, posts, interactions and other data about the social media accounts. The tool also helps in managing and scheduling posts to multiple platforms at once.

Iconosquare has been used by many popular brands such as Nike, Adidas, McDonald’s and many more. It has also been used by influencers to grow their follower base and increase their engagement rates.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the best free google tools for digital marketers to get insights about their website traffic and how it impacts their business. It helps them understand what marketing channels are working for them and what marketing channels they should focus on.

The analytics tool helps businesses measure their marketing efforts, track customer behavior, and stay on top of trends in the industry.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that every digital marketer should know how to use to maximize its potential.


GetResponse WordPress Plugin

GetResponse is a marketing automation software that helps you to automate your marketing process.

GetResponse is a trusted inbound marketing software that helps you automate your marketing process. It includes email marketing, social media, landing pages, and analytics.

This section will talk about the benefits of using GetResponse as an inbound marketing tool for email campaigns.

The first benefit of using GetResponse is the ability to create automated email campaigns that are personalized and segmented by customer type or behavior. This allows marketers to send more relevant emails that will increase the conversion rate of their emails.

Another benefit of using GetResponse is the ability to create personalized landing pages with different offers based on customer behavior or type. This allows marketers to be more targeted in their content and lead generation efforts, which will increase business growth.

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Lumen5 is a video maker that helps you create videos online in minutes.

Lumen5 is not just a video maker, but also a video creator. You can create videos with Lumen5 without any prior experience. They have many pre-made templates that are ready to use to get you started.

If you are struggling with ideas for your videos, this video-creating toolLumen5 has an AI writer that can help you out. It will give you suggestions for the content of your video based on the keywords that you inputted.



TubeBuddy is a productivity and optimization tool for YouTube that helps users to increase their productivity on the platform by providing them with tools to speed up the process of creating, managing, and optimizing videos.

With YouTube Marketing Tools like TubeBuddy, you grow your channel drastically.

TubeBuddy app provides features like advanced search filters, live streaming, analytics, and many more.



Trello is a free online service that organizes anything you can imagine into boards. You can create as many boards as you want to organize anything from your grocery list to your company’s projects. Each board contains lists of cards which are then used to manage tasks related to the project or list item.

Trello is an excellent way for teams to collaborate on work because it allows them to share their progress with one another through comments and notifications. This Digital Marketing Productivity Tool Trello also has an open API which means that other apps can be integrated with it so users can do things like attach files from Google Drive or upload videos from YouTube without leaving the app.

It’s the perfect tool for organizing, prioritizing, and collaborating on projects.

Divi WordPress Theme


The digital marketing world is always changing, which means that there are always new tools to use.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the best digital marketing tools that are worth trying in the new year.

We hope you found this article helpful and informative!

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