A Step by Step Guide to Email Marketing for Beginners in 2021

Beginners Guide to Email Marketing

Email marketing is a kind of marketing that uses Emails for promoting products and services with your customers and website visitors.

Moreover, It is known as the best and most prominent way of marketing with the help of which several business owners can get more than expected results.

But the biggest issues people are facing is that they are not entirely aware of email marketing.

Hence if you are one of them, then do follow this beginners guide to email marketing with the help of which you would be able to know everything about this marketing technique.

In this guide to email marketing for beginners, we are going to talk from the start and hence carry forward our guide till the end.

So if you are a beginner then also with the help of this guide, you would be able to grasp everything efficiently in your mind.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing for beginners

Email marketing is one of the best and effective methods that is used for digital marketing of the products and services offered by businesses over the email platform.

In this digital marketing, strategy emails are sent from businesses to their customers or new emails with the help of which they can enhance their sales or can fetch more buyers for their products.

You all must be aware of the regular method of marketing in which a salesman has to move from one place to another for selling their products, with which there is no particular success percentage.

But right after the introduction to Email marketing, these business owners can save a lot of their investment money and hence can increase their sales success rate by 80%.

This is the reason people are still investing in Email marketing and trying to find guides for email marketing so that they can learn about this digital marketing process.

Moreover, because of which there are plenty of introductions to online coaching sites that offer email marketing coaching such as Dummies guide to email marketing and many more.

We have discussed a lot about the introduction to email marketing, but do you know what the importance of email marketing is?

If you said no, then here we are going to move towards the next section where we are going to discuss the importance of email marketing in this beginners guide to email marketing.

Goal-oriented email templates

Benefits of Email Marketing

Dummies guide to email marketing

Email marketing is a vast digital marketing technique that offers excellent results for business owners and product sellers.

But the biggest question still in the mind of several beginners is that how?

How email marketing can do so, and what are the benefits of it? If this question arises in your mind too!

Then do follow the points below that we have fetched by doing thorough research on Email marketing.

  • There takes place introduction to several other communication methods and platforms, but even after all those platforms email is called the best communication methods, with the help of which we would be able to take advantage of conversion rate up to 99%.
  • The data in email marketing always remains safe with you and those leads would always be yours. Moreover, if you ever tried marketing over social media platforms, then you are left with limited features and sharing ways.
  • Here’s the third benefit in the list of beginners guide to email marketing and that is the conversion rate of a visitor to regular customers is higher with this digital marketing strategy.

Although there are many more such benefits that you can take advantage of with the help of email marketing, above-listed are some of the most important ones.

How to Get Started with Email Marketing?

email marketing for Shopify

Are you learning email marketing for Shopify store or as an affiliate marketer?

No matter what reason you are going to use email marketing, it is sure that you would be able to take advantage of excellent results.

But before that, you would have to get started with it, and here in this section of our beginners guide to email marketing we are going to discuss everything that you need to know about getting started with it. 

In the first step of getting started with email marketing is, you have to find a reliable email service provider.

There are plenty of options available in the market out there, with the help of these email service providers you would be able to create newsletters, campaigns, surveys and many more such things for the enhancement of your business. 

While right now everybody must be facing one problem and that is which email service provider they should choose?

So here’s one of the best suggestion from our side and that is GetResponse, and there are several reasons to select this email services provider and those reasons are as follows-

  • GetResponse offers you great marketing automation features, with which you would be able to create a personalized response, can use action-based auto-responders and many more such things.
  • You would be able to create 100% responsive landing pages and web forms efficiently, which is one of the essential features of email marketing for affiliate marketers.

Once you have selected an email service provider for you and set up it completely, then let’s move to the next section where you would have to grow your email list.

But how? If this question strikes your mind, then the next section is a must-read for you from our beginners guide to email marketing, as it contains everything about growing your email list.

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Read further to know “Why GetResponse is the Best?”

How to Grow Your Email List?

Email marketing for affiliate marketers

There are several ways to grow your email list, let us have a look at some of the most efficient ones from them-

  • Take advantage of the lead management system for enhancing your email list and subscribers.
  • Using evergreen content is the critical factor for growing your email list.
  • Adding opt-in forms at your websites.
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