Affiliate Marketing Tools-With or Without Website To Jump Start in 2021

affiliate marketing tools

Affiliate marketing in 2020 is not so easy, but not very difficult either. Today, I am going to write about which affiliate marketing tools are necessary either you choose to do with or without a website.

affiliate marketing tools

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Simple Strategies- Effective Results

In 2020, affiliate marketing has touched $7B in Revenues, this whole growth has happened just in 5 years. So, you can get an idea about how competitive this career has become. Hey, don’t worry about the competition.

make money fast

Here competition is directly proportional to opportunities. More products are coming into the market because people understood the worth of selling goods or digital products online. But, you have to understand, it’s a battle. Here, you compete with publishers and fellow affiliate marketers.

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And to win such battles your affiliate marketing tools must be finest to use, which can give you good results and can understand your needs. In this post, I am going to talk about the most ba affiliate marketing tools one must need to start an affiliate marketing career as a beginner.

Domain & Hosting:

To do affiliate marketing with a website, you need a Domain and Best Hosting plan. Bluehost has some decent plans to start a blog as a beginner at affordable prices. You can also check my How To Start A Blog & Make Money Online in 2020.

Once you buy the domain and hosting package from Bluehost, from the Cpanel you can install WordPress and start right away. You can find a lot of videos online on youtube which is very helpful.

You can choose free themes in the start to kick off your website and jump-start your affiliate marketing career.

Choose any hosting platform, but the best are those which are good at customer support with easy to use interface. And that’s why I prefer Bluehost and Namecheap.

Landing Pages or Squeeze Pages

Even though I have a website, I use Landing pages to make things easy. Because affiliate marketing means, we try to market in different niches. So, if your website is with fitness, then you can’t promote make money online or trading software on the same website. That’s where Landing pages help you.


You can consider Clickfunnel as the best affiliate marketing tool. Because it has everything you need to market. And the ClickFunnel reviews are good, also, once you start using ClickFunnels, you can promote the same to your followers or leads. The best part is, they have a Free Trial which helps you to explore first before spending.

Once you register for 14 days free trial, go the dashboard and there you can find dozens of funnels, lead pages, landing pages for the purposes like Marketing, Ecom and Website.

click funnels review

With the Clickfunnel you can do affiliate marketing without website. Because Clickfunnel removes the pain point of coding a website or hiring designers for the website. This is the best thing why I like to use landing pages to do affiliate marketing without a website. As I also promote fitness products, I can’t write the content all the for the website. So, I use a landing page for that niche to promote.

Then comes this awesome CLICK FUNNEL DREAM CAR program, which is worth to give a shot.

List Building With Email Marketing Software


List building the biggest secret of Affiliate marketing success. And to build such Email List you need an Email Marketing program where you can create your follow up email and product promotions. The list building and follow up email helps to increase the ROI.

For me GET RESPONSE helps the best. It’s affordable and comes with 30 days free trial.

Once your 30 days free trial is over, you will be charged according to the plan you have chosen. Go with $15 plan/1000 leads in the start, once you are able to make 1000 leads, then you are an unstoppable affiliate marketer.

Here’s my Affiliate Marketing Step by Step Guide for Beginners about ‘ How to Find Great Affiliate Products to Promote’- Download Now!!!

Now is the time to start. Time is ticking….

Do Market Research for Affiliate Marketing to Choose a Niche

Market research helps you ‘ How to Choose a Profitable Niche’. Profitable niche with your interest in it helps you to focus more on building a website with relevant and driving relevant people on your website or landing page.


Ubersuggest is a free tool of SEO Giant Niel Patel. Put any keywords you want to write an article for, you will get the search volume of that keyword, relevant keywords and also top links using that keyword.

It’s a basic which will help you to start your blogger lifestyle and to start affiliate marketing with a website.


With Ahrefs, you can drive lots of traffic from search engines when you implement the suggested techniques. Ahrefs is one of the best in the market through its subscription is quite expensive at $99/month. But, you can try with $7 for 7 Days subscription to see whether it’s worth it.

But for an Affiliate Marketer, UberSuggest is enough to write a decent content website to give it a start. Once you are ready to take big steps, then go for Ahrefs.


Buzzsumo helps you to analyze which content is performing better in the market related to the topic or competitor. You can enter any topic, for example, let’s say ‘ affiliate marketing tools’ and then it shows the top content in the search engine. Explore the top links and see how they crafted the content and which keywords they have used the best.

solopreneur buzz sumo

Tracking Your Campaigns

ClickMeter is very popular with affiliate marketers and it one of the essential in this affiliate marketing tools list. It helps you track the conversion rate of your campaigns. Clickmeter tells you how many times people clicked on your links.

ClickMeter can be very useful when you use marketing networks like Solo Ads. When you buy clicks from each advertiser, you can track whether you really got the click or not.

Paid plan starts with $29/month for up to 25000 links with only one domain.

Advertising Platform


With Facebook, you can advertise about your business after creating a beautiful page with your business name. Make sure you try to create the Facebook Page name with the domain name you use either to do affiliate marketing without website or with a website.

Once your Facebook page is created, don’t forget to write about your business. And then through Facebook Business Manager you can start promoting your business.

Unfortunately, due to Facebook’s new advertisement policy it’s not allowing to promote ‘work from home’ and ‘make money online’ kind of programs. But you can promote, fitness or weight loss product.

Udimi or Solo Ads

Udimi is a marketplace where you expect professional traffic or niche-oriented traffic with little investment. Each click cost from $0.39 to $0.49. You can start with a $50 package to test how it works, and then slowly you can scale it up.

solo ads

Apart from their marketplace to promote offers, their referral program is worth to give it a try.

The above mentioned are some of the best affiliate marketing tools to start as a beginner. If you have more questions, feel free to comment.

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