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About Me

Hello Friend, I am Mouna Challa. Thank you for visiting my blog ‘Solopreneur Station’.

I am an Automobile Engineer, passionate about riding bikes and cars, but not at all interested to work in manufacturing companies. I kind of love marketing, yeah I know you may think then I would have joined any Marketing Position in those companies

Nah! I am not talking about that. I love online marketing or you can say online entrepreneurship because this gives me freedom from a 9-5 job. No boss, no office politics, no fancy show off business in the office.

First I started with Digital Marketing in 2016. In those days, I was an acting partner of an Electromechanical Start-Up Company where I got introduced to Digital Marketing due to its importance to increase sales. And now I have my own Digital Marketing Agency.

I started my journey as an affiliate marketer in the year 2018. I never found instant success, but I never left my dream. There are times where I felt, it’s over, affiliate marketing is not for me. But, my conscience never allowed me to give up.

Products which helped to find success in Affiliate Marketing

Today I do both Affiliate Marketing and Ecom Business with my Digital Marketing knowledge. Both Affiliate Marketing and ECom Business are helping me to make money online in 2019 gave me the freedom which I craved for.

Frankly speaking, everything didn’t happen overnight. To achieve success, I spent a lot of frustrating days where I didn’t get results. But slowly I learned one must have the art of perseverance to get succeeded in business and it is applicable to Online Business as well.

I won’t say I was broke earlier and now I am successful. Because at some point in life everyone gets into broke situation due to experiments with the career! Isn’t it? So, I don’t want to talk about the broke story. But the point is how we raise our self again. And I made that change with my consistent efforts.

Also, let me clear this now. I am not a GURU here but I am trying to exceed my own challenges with a goal to stand in the league of most successful affiliate marketers. I created this blog to share the model through which I found the success. And I am sharing the same method which I am using to make money online in 2019.

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Hope my free affiliate marketing tips help you in some way to achieve success in the online marketing world.

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All the best.