4 Legit Ways To Make Money Online In 2021


Make money online, this what you are looking for. You might have seen many online scam website when they ripped you off your hard earned. I understand, how hard it is to lose hard earned money.

But today I am going share 4 legit way to make money online if you have a skill. What kind of skill am I talking about? Ahem! Let’s me explain the legit way, and you decide which method suits you to jump start.

To make money online in 2018, all you need is a laptop, an internet connection, and a proper guidance. Hope this article will be one of that guidance to you. So, here I am going to talk about 4 websites through which you can literally passive income.

These 4 websites will help you make some side cash without leaving your 9-5 job, and if you are really serious then you can make some good money like $100 per day or more. Now, let’s explore these websites.

1. Upwork

Freelancers can take huge advantage of this website. With upwork, you can make an active income. Here on upwork many businesses and individuals post their requirements which they would like to outsource such as video editing, logo making, article writing, packaging design, and app development.

On upwork, there are tonnes of jobs being outsourced, and the best part of this website is, it has a low barrier for entry. If you are good at your skill, then head on to upwork to make money online.


Pro tip: build your profile in such a way that gives the best impression to the client. Spy on competitors and present yourself in a better way.

2. Youtube

A lot of people didn’t know how to make money online with youtube. If you are good at expressing your views in front of the camera, then this might be your place to dominate! And if you aren’t comfortable then no problem, share your knowledge by creating ppt with voiceover, in that way you don’t have to come in front of a camera.

Now, if you are planning to start a brand new channel, then here are the new rules to monetize your channel.
– 4000 watch hours (4000 watching hours means how much hours your videos that you upload are watched)
– 1000 subscribers in last 12 months

Once you reach the threshold which isn’t difficult if you provide a quality content, then your dream of make money online with youtube isn’t very far.

A question might have come to you, how much I can make money online, it purely depends how many views you get. Getting more views is directly proportional to better content, one must make a good video with good information to grab the attention of the viewers! If you seriously wanna make your brand, then this can be for you to earn passive income.

Pro tip

If you are not getting ideas to make a video, then spy on the giants in your niche and modify it with your own touch. Publish it! Boom, there you go. 

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3. Amazon

If you are very serious to make money online then one thing you can learn from Jeff Bezos is ‘perseverance’. Yes! He was determined with his goal. And now he has opened some awesome platforms with Amazon to earn money online for people like us. Following are the three ways to make money.

a) Amazon Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turk is like upwork where businesses outsource some of the works which are too difficult for the computer program to do such as audio editing, translating audio or video from different languages, testing web pages and writing reviews. There are a lot of other services which you must have a look if you are interested to earn from Amazon. This is a legit way to make money and you can earn $20 or more per hour by working on the tasks.


b) Amazon Kindle publishing

You can turn your ideas or stories into an e-book and make money today. Whenever someone buys the e-book both you and Amazon will make money online.

The thing you need to sell an e-book on Kindle is an idea, then either you or you can hire the writer to write the book for you. The advantage of a Kindle is that you neither you have to be an established author nor you have to find any publisher. You can do this comfortably from home and can earn money online easily.

If you are that writer, who is ready to start, then I recommend you do some research on youtube about topics and writing. Learn the writing skill for free through Skillshare. Believe me, a lot of writers make $100,000 by publishing e-books on Amazon. And all have started like you from scratch.


c) Amazon Associates Program

Amazon associates program is very popular and easy way to make money online. If you have a website or a youtube channel, or any large social media presence, then I suggest you take advantage of this. Buy the product, review of it and share the link to with your viewers. Whenever someone buys with your affiliate link then you get a small commission which ranges in between 5-10%.

All you need is to is to sign up for the Amazon associates program which is free, and then you can choose the product to promote. They provide you banners to use on your website and text links which you can paste in any of your youtube videos or on social media pages!

Amazon pays the commissions with Amazon gift cards, bank wire transfer ( USA only), checks ( if you reside outside the USA).

Protip: build the trust of your followers, then promote the products.

4) ClickBank

Clickbank is a marketplace for digital products like selling courses and coupons. On this platform, you can find both product creators and affiliate marketers. The best part of Clickbank is the commission payout. They pay as high as 75% commission. This proves you can earn money online with commissions.

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All you have to create a free account, go to the marketplace and choose the niche whichever you want to promote. You will get an affiliate link of whatever product you had chosen, then start promoting that link with to your leads with Email Marketing and Autoresponder, Social media pages and website etc.,


Protip: choose a niche which has high market demand, for example: make money online and fitness.

My Next Article will be on How To Make Money With Clickbank. See you soon.

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